Theatrical Thimple Thimon

My horoscope advised me that theatrics are in my near future. It didn't specify whether they would be someone else's or my own, but consider yourself warned. I'm heading out tonight with some girlfriends to see the Indulgers, so maybe the theatrics are theirs. I dunno. But the Pub is generally good fodder for entries, so we'll do our best to make something of interest happen.

Perhaps the theatrics refer to my son. The Great has to say the nursery rhyme Simple Simon for the Halloween Party at School and dress up like Simple Simon. There are several problems inherit in this scenario.

First of all, there are no mention of props or costumes in the nursery rhyme beyond a pie. For instance, what does Simple Simon wear? I truly don't know, but I'll be Googling Simple Simon in the near future, no doubt.

Also, The Great has lost his two front teeth (I think he's getting one GIGANTIC tooth in their place - at least, I hope it's just one because there's no room for another. I wonder if orthdontia is tax deductable?) I think a teacher might have encouraged him to go with another rhyme, but I know when I was teaching, those moments of evil amusement are so few and far between that it's hard to resist them.

Anyway, Simple Simon comes out sounding a bit like this:

Thimple Thimon meth a pieman
Going to the fair
Thaid Thimple Thimon to the pieman
Yeth me tathte your wareth.

Accompanied by lots of spitting.

Remember Gallager? He was always sledgehammering watermellons and the audience wore big sheets of plastic. We'll have to warn the front row that they'll need protective rainwear to see The Great perform. Of course, we could let The Great sledgehammer a pie. Then the audience probably wouldn't even notice the spitting.

Speaking of Googling: (yeah, I did. It's back there.)
I googled my best friend from grade school last night. I don't know why I never thought to do it before. Anyway, she is a bonafide Somebody; published author and Prof of Creative Writing. One of the smartest people I ever knew (know, I guess now) and my first book will be dedicated to her. Glad to hear from ya!

On a side note, when I figure out the html (or bribe BB to come do it for me) I'll make a list of some blogs I've been reading (a short list, but really funny.) In the meantime, check through the comments sections and hit the name links. You won't be disappointed.

Happy weekending!

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