now for local news:

Ding dong, the mouse is dead.
What are the chances that there are more? Pretty fair, I'd say.


I get to go to a house party tonight. I only know the hosts and I get to go as early Madonna: fishnets, semi-bare midriff, black bra and all. Nice. I plan on getting very drunk or leaving early. The Man is bringing his favorite prop, the bottle of rum. I'm surprised that he can stand the sight of the thing, but he's a hearty one.

He rarely does it, but he can outdrink even me. Yeah, you read it here first.

In that same vein, I asked my waitress at the pub the other day if they expected good tunes Saturday night (in case the party is a bust the pub is only a few blocks away.)

"I think it's blues."

Now, nothing against R&B, but it hardly makes for a fun Eve of All Hallow's Eve party. Greaaat. She said, rather apologetically, "We've got rock playing tonight, Friday and Sunday, though." She clearly doesn't have children and babysitter problems.

I'm listening to Flogging Molly right now. While they may not be the single best Irish band out there, they definitely have the single best name for an Irish band.


Watched Master and Commander last night. Could have used some sex in the plot line somewhere. There was a hint of it when Jack looked down at that cute island chick, but alas, he had to chase down that bloody boat. How they got there was cool, but the "big" fight scene was one of the most disappointing I've ever seen. Lots of closeups of a guy hacking away at the camera man, but no spray of blood, no flying limbs, not even any agonizing screaming... it sucked. Even the wounds and the dead-face makeup looked terrible. I had to watch it for research because in this other book I'm planning this character is going to spend some time on an old sailing ship. I think I need to do some more research. These sailors were way too cute and clean. Not nearly foul-mouthed enough either.

And what was with those hats? There's historical accuracy and then there's just stupid.

All night I dreamed of elaborate floating rope mousetraps and I had to get up to pee about six times. Power of suggestion, I guess.


I'm toying with the idea of putting part of Book 2 out there on a website. Problem is, I suck at HTML (Actually, I hardly know enough to even have the excuse that I suck.) Managed to transfer three chapters to a site template and of course it came out all fucked up. So now I'm thinking of putting it on a blog with an email address for comments. If I get it set up I'll post the link for y'all.

Yes, I realize this appears to be a departure from my well-defended philosophy. Have fun hazing me for changing my mind, as well as for the "bad movie" post.

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