lost post club

There are those among my readers who can relate: I've joined the Lost Post Club. Fuckin' Blogger. Oh well. It was a rather sappy post at any rate, a weak moment as I watched my daughter playing in the backyard.

Punishment for that nasty Google marketing comment, no doubt. Or an act of God. Actually, is there a real difference?

I've had reason to use the expression "hair of the dog" several times in the past few days. Wouldn't have a clue as to why. Anyway, it comes up often enough that I need to collect a few alternate phrases. My creative juices are tied up with finishing the book, so I can't think of any. Ideas, anyone?

One time a friend and I amused ourselves by coming up with alternates for
Not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.
as in:
Not the cutest puppy in the litter.
Not the tallest tree in the forest.
Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
Not the strongest drink in the bar.
Not the smelliest fish in the lake.
Not the longest d...

Ok, you get the point. It was real funny at the time.

And you have say "if you know what I mean" (wink-wink) afterward. One time some guy friends (and I use that term loosely) used that expression about a hostess of a party to everyone they met at the party. Pretty funny. Like, "We had some fun that night, if you know what I mean..." wink-wink. "Hit the hay early that night, if you know what I mean."

Yes, late at night. And yes, drunk. Quite drunk. Finished up both nights with a rousing game of quarters. At least we played with beer, not rum and coke.

But that is another post entirely.

God, the lost post was better.

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