Crack that Target Teaser


So we're at Target tonight and you know those walkie-talkies they all wear? There's probably a more technical, hipper name for them by now, but I don't know what it is. Anyway, one calls another to ask for some help on their w/t and it's turned up really loud. I think the conversation had something to do with cleaning the bathroom.

So the guy replies, "You know, we need a code for that, like It's that special time."

"Good idea. But maybe not, It's that special time."

Someone else chimes in, "Definitely not It's that special time."

Apparently the Target workers get a little punchy after 9 pm.

That's all we heard. But as we were walking out to the car (er, excuse me, I mean the monster Jeep) we amused ourselves with suggesting all sorts of code phrases that they could use, and it was way funny. Like, It's snowing outside could mean to collect the carts. Or They're comin' right for us! could mean that they need more checkers. How about Oh God, the inhumanity! could mean a pissed off customer. Or Clean up on aisle 5 could mean, ok, well, clean up on aisle 5.

Ok, maybe it was us that was punchy. But we were out late last night with the birthday boy.

Oh, and confidential to above birthday boy, what happens at the bustop stays at the bustop, right? I think you said it best; lots of things seem like a good idea at the time...

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