boston fans in boulder

Hard to say whether there are actual Sox fans here, you know, half way across the country from Boston as we are; or whether we in Colorado just need the merest excuse to start a riot. (Evidence to the former: I guess I know, two transplants from there. Evidence for the latter: Colorado University.)

But apparently there was a huge party down on the mall last night (Boulder has an outdoor mall.) All those cement pillars which people tape advertisements and notices to were burned. Rather reminded me of controlled burns. It was like a controlled burn of advertising, and I for one appreciated it. Those pillars grow an inch wider a month, I'll bet, with all the crap taped to them. The paper-puter-uppers are fun to watch though, going around and around with the packing tape with one hand while the other hand is sticking up papers as fast as a woodpecker. They are even too practiced to get dizzy; they don't even sway when they walk away from the pillar.

Now, I realize that some folks looooooooooove baseball, national pastime and all that; and then there's the underdog factor (I gather everyone's an underdog except for NY. Is it Yankies or Yankees. I think ee. Does that bug anybody else?). Oh yeah, and that whole "Curse" thing. But I think the game is boring as all hell. I find myself going to lengths to turn off NPR when they talk about the series because the boringness of the game is only eclipsed by the boringness of the commentary.

But even with all that I could see that NY was getting a little big for its britches. So cheers to the Sox, and the Boston fans, far and near. Enjoy your moment in the limelight while it lasts. Apparently it only comes around once every century or so.

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