boocchanalia report

Wings are In this Halloween. BB's wife had the best ones, big and black and feathered. Unfortunately she started molting as soon as she arrived, so this morning I'm finding her feathers and bugs all over the place. Bugs, you say. Yeah, and mice climbing all over her boots. Fallen Angel. Absolutely sparking hot.

We didn't have a contest but I think it would have been a tie between BB and the Man. The Man looked so close to Captain Jack Sparrow; he could even imitate the voice nearly perfectly; that watching the movie with him in the room was eerie. Needless to say, he looked hot. I admit it, I dress him up as sexy movie characters for Halloween. He tolerates my little fantasies with nary a complaint. His favorite prop was an actual bottle of rum with a splash of coke in it... The Man is still in bed.

BB was a character from his favorite XBox game. I don't know what the game is called (I'm sure he or someone will enlighten us in the commentbox), but you run around in this sort of medieval world and if you do good things you get really handsome and strapping and even a halo, and if you do bad things you grow horns and tattoos all over and have flies around your head. BB's costume was so perfect... he even had the freakin' flies. Commendations go to BB's wife, who did all the work, of course. Her homemade chips and mango salsa were awesome too.

Only one guy didn't dress up. He's, you know, foreign. Doesn't hold with these weird American custom. We put some mice and bugs on him to decorate him and he tolerated my continual drunken harrassment with much grace and charm.

Madonna played well, but my fishnets ripped as soon as I put them on. Why do they do that?? I'll have to get more for next weekend.

The evening concluded with the annual midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. We had great fun planning a group costume around the movie for next year. We chose someone who didn't attend the festivities (sick with sore throat), a certain someone from back east who waved at me from his motorcyle yesterday... yes, you know who you are... to be Rocky. The costume consists of golden briefs... only. Of course, we plan out this Rocky Horror group costume at 2 am every year, and promptly forget all about it, so I wouldn't worry. Too much.

We had a virgin viewer with us. She didn't quite make it though. It was rather a late showing, and perhaps not quite her cup of tea. I for one think Tim Curry rocks. He's kind of an ugly dude, but in drag, mmm, yummy... I bet drag would improve the looks of lots of many ugly guys. Makes you think, doesn't it?

I don't recall who said it, but the best line from the peanut gallery was, "I love this movie, but toward the end it just gets weird."


Anonymous said...

BB says: The game is Fable. I agree that it is my favorite XBox game, but it is also my ONLY XBox game. And it turns out that eyelash glue is pretty darn tough to remove, especially at 2:30 in the morning, and drunk, and tired. But yeah to Mrs. BB (who is actually also BB) for the awesome costume!

Thanks (almost wrote thx, but caught myself. Didn't want a reprimand ;-) for the fun party SSaS. Until next year...

Todd said...

Sorry we missed the party. My lover and I were in an all day (and most of the evening) intensive Spanish class. It's just as well, because I still don't have a Halloween costume.