Clarification on Boo-cchanalia:

If you live here and actually know me (ie: you know my email address, you know my phone number, you know my name) you're invited.

Saturday, 23 October 2004 in the p.m.

Must be registered to vote to attend. That should clarify the requirements. Yeah, that's right. No anarchists and no kids. Call me crazy but I think both types could kill a party.

I know I've neglected someone in the emailing/calling process so if you qualify please come. This is a replacement for the very exclusive holiday party that we usually hold, so this is your last chance to be entertained by us this year. There may be some sort of hot tub/swim suit/tiki/kamikazi themed event in the early spring, but nothing till then.

**Costumes strongly encouraged, but we may accept bribes of high-content alcohol or very good beer (not that low-carb crap) to gain entrance.

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