the meaning of all this banter

So, my thought in doing this thing is that I am prolific enough to need another outlet. In the past 18 months - Moms count time in months if it's under two years, and then we go to years; well, most of the time. Sometime you get some hover-mother that tells you that her baby is 34 months, the same mother who thinks she's actually going to catch her kid when it falls off the jungle gym... but I digress-

Anyway, since Easter of 2003,I've written three and half books which are currently living on my laptop. They are an exclusive group; they mostly sit around, no readers invited to their little parties, and chat about how they might torment me next. For real fun they send a character out to wake me up in the middle of the night who says "HEY! What about me? You left me sitting there with a gun to my head! Get the hell up and rescue me." To which I typically mumble incoherently and roll over.

The idea is that I can ramble here and someone might want to read it but obviously that isn't so important to me since I've written about a million words - no really, a million- in the past two years and about four people have read any of them. Besides the warped ramblings (I'll try to keep these to a minimum) I'd like to post some fiction (likely equally as warped, definitely rated R)... whatever strikes my fancy.

When I find it I'd like to start with a little essay about cows.

Oh, and why is it called Sex Scenes at Starbucks? Think about it. You'll figure it out eventually.


3sproutmom said...

Oh My God! I am going to love this! It'll be my site to relate, discover and laugh to!! Words coming only from a mother with babes. Looking forward to many more entries.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Well, it won't be all about kids... I mean, I get enough of that shit at home.