housekeeping issues

Thanks for the overwhelming verbal and email response to my blog. In a short time I'm getting lots of hits and I'm excited that so many of you are reading. Please email the link to your friends/coworkers if you think they'll enjoy it - You don't have to admit you know me and you can always claim that you just "found" it by accident if I say anything embarrassing, which (Attn: disclaimer ahead) I likely will. A side goal is to get dialogues going in the comments section. It can be anonymous so say whatever is on your mind. I'll join in as I see fit. Ok, ok, enough with the shameless self-promotion. I'm just practicing for when I actually sell something.

Apparently a few of you have found some pretty hard core porn sites when trying to pull up my blog. Er. Um. Not sure what to say but to advise you to type carefully. If you like that sort of thing... well, I'm happy to be of help.

To copy a link onto email (yeah, some folks still don't know how to do this, so let's try our best to be supportive): highlight the address at the top of your web page (mine for instance is press control key and c key similtaneously (c is for Copy), then flip to your email page. Control V to copy link into your text (why V? It's one of the great mysteries of the Information Age.)

Don't forget to talk amongst yourselves...
Topic: tattoos at forty - for or against and why?

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