Bigger or Better

For those of you not in the know there is a new game that all the cool kids are playing called Bigger or Better (see useless link above).

The idea is a sort of a scavenger hunt, you need at least two teams of people, but what you do is find the biggest, ugliest thing you got for Christmas last year (hee hee, like we got this... well, I'd better come up with a fake example since they might be reading...)

Anyway, say you've got this awful 70s dark-wood end table that you inherited from your roommate's previous roommate in college (who got it from his divorced dad, who got it in the divorce) and for some unknown reason you still have the thing. Maybe you stack your golf stuff on it in the garage, or it's covered in anemic plants in the living room, or your husband won't get rid of it because hey, it never gets rings from his beer bottles (the top is simulated wood-grain plastic laminate, after all) and it looks good in the garage next to his recliner and the drawer holds a hundred golf balls...

So one night when your husband is out with the guys you take this table (probably with a couple of friends and definitely a bottle of wine) to some stranger's house and you ring the doorbell and say, "Got anything bigger or better?"

And they trade you the table for a puce dorm-size refrigerater. Then you take the fridge (it's good if someone on your team has a mini-van) and you go somewhere else and they give you a... ok, a puce fridge would be hard to top, actually. But you get the drift.

It's how my friend got her cool antique piano. No really, that part's not fiction.

So, honey, if you're reading... I'm thinking I'll start next weekend's game with "the man." Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

The whole idea got me remembering a scavenger hunt in college when one of the items was tarter sauce. We went through the drive-through at Long John Silver's (a defunct fast food fish chain, though for some reason now it sounds more like a strip club) and we asked for a fish sandwich with tarter sauce on the side, but could you please hold the sandwich.

And they said; no lie, they actually said, "Would you like fries with that?"

Good times.


Anonymous said...

You can start with "the man" but don't touch my Op shorts!

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