Barney is up to no good

Not to incite a riot here, but am I the only one who thinks Barney sounds like a child molester? I can totally imagine him saying, "Come here, little kid. Get in my car. I've got caaaandy."

I know that he is the best friend of a lot of little people (one of mine, as well) but I worry about the possible consequences of such widespread prominence. He could easily be commandeered for subliminal advertising, or by terrorists or worse. What to do about it? I have no idea. I for one will NOT be fighting that battle with my daughter. If I shut Barney down a screaming fit will ensue the likes of which haven't been seen since that episode of Brady Bunch where Jan decides to scream long enough to get in the Book of World Records. (Oops, there's that nasty little f-word rearing its ugly head again.)

(I meant fiction. Sheez. If I mean fuck, I'll just write "fuck.")

The following strategy admittedly needs work, but perhaps we can enlist elder siblings in the effort to lessen the effects of Barney's undesirable influence. They can shame their younger brothers and sisters away from it, or lure them toward Arthur or Disney channel. "Come on, don't you want to just try Arthur? Just once. I swear you'll never go back."

Well, like I said, it needs work. Maybe I'll drop Tom Ridge an email and see what he thinks.

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